Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stoned Kitty

Stoned kitty after almost losing his tail, and 2.5 hours in the Kitty hospital!!

Missing My Blog

I miss you my BLOG ...............
I have been away for to long, and so much has happened while I was away! Well not really but isn't that what you are expected to say!! Actually my life has been rather BLAH ..... no travel, no big parties, a broken camera so no good photo's, just living upstate life!!
Hmmmmm I am still dwelling deep in the ghosts of my past. I did put together a pretty outstanding poster board of my English roots. I saw the idea on line, yes folks, I lifted the idea from another Englishman! However it was a TON of work to put it together!! I am very pleased with the outcome, I am not sure it can be viewed here since it is a file and not a jpg. Maybe I can try to capture it on my big camera, which may I add is also acting up!!
I really need to paint my bedroom and I kick myself daily in the ass for not being more aggressive about it. First I need to sort through clothes, get rid of what I know I will never wear again and then start moving stuff!! I have decided on a color, so that is one good thing! I am thinking a sage green/grayish color with bright white molding. My canopy bed is pine and I think that would work. It would also give me a chance to get some beautiful botanical prints that my daughter drew hung on the walls!!
I miss my grandson everyday! He is the joy of my life, how one little person can fill so many voids in your life and make you smile is truly unreal! He is a game player too and is learning to be quiet crafty in many ways, and they are not all artsy! LOL!! I love him to pieces.
Oh we did have a kitty incident, I accidentally slammed my poor Kitty's tail in the door. I have three indoor cats, all whom try to escape each time I come in or out. While bringing in groceries a few weeks back one escaped behind me that I did not see, hence the tail in the door!!!! We spent LOTS of money and 2.5 hours in the kitty hospital. I am happy to say the tail was saved, thank gosh! What is a Puss N Boots without a tail! Here is a picture after we brought him home, he is a little stoned from all the meds!!! LOL
For some reason I can not upload shots today????
Oh well .... tomorrow perhaps!