Saturday, July 2, 2011

Camera Ramblings

WOW twice in the same week!! Can you believe it!!!

Went out today searching for a new "point and shoot" camera! Sadly my trusty old point and shoot Cannon has captured it's last likeness of anything. This camera toke some AMAZING photos for me and I am deeply sadden that she will not be accompany me on anymore ventures. Here are a few snaps she had saved for me .... I think you can click on the picture to see them larger, at least you use to be able to, so many things have changed since I have been away!!  *smile*   Enjoy the pics!
seagulls on Long Island ... they were looking for food!

This was taken at sunrise in North Wildwood, New Jersey, a lone fisherman.

Some very busy bees hard at work, taken in Gettysburg, PA

This is one of my favorite entertainers and fiddle players, Ms. Eileen Ivers.  I try to catch at least one of her shows at least once a year, she is amazing!!

This is my rescue boy Darby, named after my great-great grandfather in Ireland.

AND this is my red haired Irish boy named Seamus, he too is a rescue, his mom died when he was only three days old, so he thinks humans are his mom!  He is a very sweet boy!

This was taken in the spring at Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY, my great-great- grandparents are buried there as well as my great grandparents and other aunts and uncles.

This was also taken at Green Wood Cemetery, I liked the color contrast.

Another butterfly shot, this was taken at Robert Frost summer home in the mountains of
New Hampshire  (a female monarch)

One of my many whale shots, not bad for a point and shoot huh!!  This was taken off the coast of New England.  We saw so many whales that day.  This was a Humpback Whale.

Also a Humpback Whale.  The way they "ID" the whales is by the underside of their tail.  Each whale has a distinct imprint, just as a human has fingerprints.

This is a little blurry, the horse was trotting along, but look at the little boy looking out the window at me!   This was taken in Intercourse, PA.  (no wise cracks)

Taken in Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire
This was taken in Dingle, Ireland

OK, the same morning I was walking the beach at sunrise in North Wildwood I came across this girl taking pictures of a pumpkin on the beach.  OF COURSE I had to ask her why!!!  She was taking a photography class and the teacher told them they had to find a pumpkin (it was late Sept.) and take it someplace unusual and photograph it.  I though she was pretty clever.  Love the seagulls hanging around ready to attack the pumpkin!

You can actually see her furry back, this is a female Monarch, taken in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire
This was taken in Vancouver, British Columbia, loved the rocks, water and snow covered mountains in the distance.

WELL now all I have to do is find myself a new point and shoot, I have spent hours reading reveiws and I am undecided between two cameras.  I have only been at the store half dozen times, check each one out, get confused and leave again!!  Maybe tomorrow!!



Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wow, I never got shots that good with my point and shoot. What are you doing differently? Great shots btw.

Irish said...

Amazing photos Marilyn.... it's NOT all the's the person's eye for the photo!! Loved the pic of the seagulls, and especially loved the cow in Dingle for some reason! Thanks for sharing!!