Thursday, July 28, 2011

Eagle On Headstone

My friend sent this to me and I was so moved by the photo I thought I would share.  WITH WHO!!   hehehehe  I think two people read my blog!  LOL  Anyway, it is a very moving photo!!

One of the most emotion-evoking photos I've ever seen. Taken at the
National Cemetery in Minneapolis on a June morning as it appeared in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune.

Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!!! It says everything without a single word. This should become an official Memorial Day, 4th of July and/or Veterans Day remembrance photo; Our symbol standing guard.

6 comments: said...

That just gave me chills all they way up my spine looking at.. Yes very much so guarding the deceased.. a good guard too. hope all is well. tweetey now

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Wow, that is an awesome shot. Does the family of the person whose headstone the eagle was sitting on, know about this photo? I'm a big believer in "signs" and maybe this was a sign for the family.

Anonymous said...

Great Picture! And I also read your blog don't always have something to say. Ha..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

4 weeks and no post? Where are you, on vacation? :-)

Larena said...

I Love the photo thanks for sharing. and I stop by here to catch up with you every so often. I would like to know how you and your family are doing Owego took as hard a hit as I have ever seen please let us know you are alright !

Larena said...

I read your blog too just haven't had a computer for a while now, but I am back and want to know how you and your family faired with the flood. My Dad stayed in his building on Browns lane water never came in but was all the way around them he helped 4 parapeligics get thru those 5 days with no power etc. what a great adventure those 8 old folks had !
so please I now know thru VV you are alright and having dinner with her this weekend , so please give K & M a hug from Larena, and get one for yourself ! you are in my Prayers !