Monday, July 11, 2011

A HobNob!!

Today I had thoughts of HobNobs!!   What is a HobNob you ask!!   It is cookie/biscuit that began in the UK. Here is a little description.
If you’re an oat-aholic, then McVitie's HobNobs are your biscuits.  First launched in the UK in 1985, they were later followed by the Milk Chocolate alternative in 1987.  

While in Ireland and Scotland I got hooked on these things, I could eat a whole sleeve of biscuits myself every day!!   Non-sweet, great tasting cookie.  Send your taste buds soaring with the mouth watering oat and wheat HobNob biscuits.  The initial crunch followed by the gentle melt leaves you wanting more.    I must say they are most addictive, these knobbly golden delights will leave you with just one difficult problem - to share or not to share?  NOT!!!

 While in NYC babysitting my grandson in early June I stopped in one of the markets and low and behold there they were on the supermarket shelf, I was like an old junkie, I started to shake, and place every last one into my cart ... price,  did I check to see what it was, NO, it was HobNobs, I had not had them in years!!   I have to say once I got to the checkout though I was not prepared for the total ... those little morsels were almost as much as gold ... well not quite, but almost!!   BUT it is also a market in NYC, on Broadway, so I expect some price increase but $4.99 a small box!   WHOA!!   Well I bit the bullet (and the cookie) and purchased my HobNobs and was in full glory walking back to my daughters place as I munched on HobNobs and dreamed of being back in the UK!!!  Guess where I am going the next time I visit my daughter!!!  YUP .... back to the market!!!

4 comments: said...

those sound like good find.. well glad you got your hobnobs..

Vancouver Voyeur said...

You had me with the oats, but I'm not a big fan of wheat, especially since I discovered I have a wheat allergy. Isn't it great finding something you love and haven't been able to get for a while? I feel that way about spiedies.

Larena said...

you lost me at the oats..allergy..
but what fun to find such a treasured treat !! I know the moral dilema of to share or not to share...LOL !
Funny VV I did not know you had a wheat allergy and why can't you have spedies ??

Vancouver Voyeur said...

Larena, I can have spiedies if I make them, but Lupo's are the best and I only get them when I go home or mail order.